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How to view your team’s real-time presence status in Microsoft Teams

Ever tried to figure out who’s available in your team on Microsoft Teams and found yourself clicking through endless profiles? It’s a hassle, right? You need to know who’s in the office, who’s working from home, and who’s on a break, all without wasting time. That’s where the Team Board comes in. Let’s dive into how you can see everyone’s status at a glance and make your workday a whole lot easier with Team Board

Limitations of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is great for communication, but it falls short when it comes to viewing the entire team’s availability. Currently, you can see an individual’s status, but there’s no way to see everyone’s status in one consolidated view.

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Imagine you’re a project manager needing to quickly assemble a team for an urgent task. Without a consolidated view, you have to check each team member’s profile individually, wasting valuable time. This can lead to delays, missed opportunities, and decreased productivity. Scheduling meetings becomes a hassle, often resulting in endless emails or chat messages to confirm availability.

Without a centralized availability view, managing resources and coordinating projects becomes challenging, impacting overall team efficiency and productivity.

Solution: Team Board for Microsoft Teams

Team Board integrates with Microsoft Teams to display your entire team’s real-time availability status. Instead of clicking through individual profiles, you can see everyone’s status in one place.

Key Features of Team Board

  • Team visibility: See who is in the office, working remotely, or unavailable
  • Quick contact: Group messaging, call, or video call from within the dashboard
  • Search: Search for teammates by name, availability, or status keywords


Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool, but it lacks a consolidated view of your team’s real-time status. This can make it difficult to quickly see who is available, leading to delays and reduced productivity.

Team Board addresses this problem by providing a centralized dashboard that shows your entire team’s availability in real-time. With features like instant insights, direct communication options, and a user-friendly interface, Team Board improves team coordination

Ready to improve your team’s productivity? Try Team Board today!