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How HR professionals use Microsoft Teams to improve employee engagement and retention

Want to boost employee engagement and retention in your remote team? Look no further than Microsoft Teams! Here’s how HR professionals use this powerful tool to create virtual celebrations that build healthy workplace connections and keep employees happy.

1. Planning and Organization:

  • Channel Power: Dedicate channels to specific celebrations, sharing announcements, photos, and videos to keep everyone engaged.
  • App Automation: Utilize apps like AnnounceBot to automate personalized reminders and greetings for birthdays and anniversaries
  • Calendar Coordination: Use Team calendars and polls to schedule events, find suitable time slots, and gauge team interest.

2. Engaging Activities:

  • Breakout Rooms: Facilitate smaller group games and discussions using breakout rooms within Teams meetings.
  • Interactive Apps: Leverage fun and engaging apps for trivia quizzes, live polls and presentations, and conversation starters.
  • Virtual Team Building: Encourage collaboration with apps for brainstorming or managing events.
"We had one person who was in charge of posting celebrations and anniversaries on Teams, and it became too much to always remember the dates. This AnnounceBot has been very helpful! We just uploaded an Excel file with dates that are easily updated as necessary. What I like best about the bot is the help team. They are prompt, polite, and always available to help with questions. Highly recommend!"

3. Keep it Personal:

  • Team Dashboard: Use the Team Board app to see your entire team’s availability in real-time in one place and quickly message, call, or video call your members from within the dashboard.
  • Customization: Utilize features like custom backgrounds and themes to create a festive atmosphere for virtual gatherings.
  • Share the Fun: Encourage team members to share photos, videos, and stories through chat and channels, building a sense of community.

“We wanted to simplify virtual celebrations without the hassle of tracking down everyone in the team to get their birthday dates. AnnounceBot helped us achieve this and made the process easy for us by automating the birthday reminders for our team. Cherry on the top is it gets done all of this through our main communication platform, Microsoft Teams. The best thing about AnnounceBot is its ease of use.”